My name is Joel Katop, aged 40 and I have a disability and I come from Kiunga, W.P. I had polio when I was little and that affected both limbs so I move around in wheelchair. I have always been here working in our Self-help project since it was established. I am very happy when I come to the centre to work and be together with my other disabled friends.

We do different activities that we have in the project like screen printing, designing banners, typing letters on computer for the public etc…I receive some money every end of each month to help buy what I need and also by doing these, I have learnt new skills and talents to help me do something for myself back home.

Coming and working in the project has brought me out of my hiding place. At first I stay in the house and do nothing but now I can move around and do anything and people recognize my talents. Now I am involved with disabled sports in power-lifting and I’m very committed to my trainings.

I am on the list to take part in the PNG games this year for my province with my other disabled friends. This is my first time and it is a challenge for me and I am happy to experience it. I thank Callan Services and Disabled Adult Self-Help Group/Project for help and support given in every way to to bring me out of my hiding place and be included in the community.

Thank you.

Joel Katop (Disabled adult)