How are old are you? 17 yrs old

What is your disability? I have Physical disability caused by spina bifida at birth

Are you currently in school? No, I am in home schooling. It is a home based school program , a service provided by the Creative Self Help Inclusive Education Centre for children and young adults with disabilities.

What grade are you in? I am in grade five
What is the biggest challenge to you when you attend school?  Sometimes my home based school teachers do not attend to me to further my education due to the centre lacking staff.

Why is education important to you? Education is important to me because it means knowledge, money and a life to me.

What are the barriers or challenges to attending school? I have an ulcer on my foot which refused to heal for quite a long time that stops me from attending main stream school besides my physical disability.

What are the dreams for your future?  I want to be an IT person, working with computers; repairing and designing programs.

What do you want people to see you as, when they see you?  I want them to see me as a human with good knowledge and skills.

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