My name is Ziggy Satkurin and in my thirties, I have a disability with paralyses on both of my lower limbs from a polio strike in the mid-1980s. I come from a village called Miamrae, about 45 km north of Kiunga, North Fly District, Western Province.

I started attending this program since this project was established. I was very interested in learning new skills like; computing, screen printing, sewing, working in the library etc…and other activities done in the project. What I have learnt from the project has given me the courage to do something for myself at home to sustain myself financially. I sew meri blouses, shirts, etc…and sell to earn money and also repair sewing machines and I am paid. I also was very interested in disabled sports, and being in this group has helped me pursue my dreams in sports.

We PWDs from this group attended the PNG games in 2009 and as it was our first time. I didn’t have the best sports facility for power-lifting but with strong determination and confidence I tried my best with whatever was available to take part in the PNG games.
Fortunately, I was then selected by the National Paralympics Committee for training and qualifying matches in National Sports Institute (NSI)-Goroka 2010. It was my big challenge and because I believed in myself that I can do it, I was qualified and selected for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010. I also took part in the Arafura Games in Darwin last year 2011. I am very happy to bring good name to my disabled group, my town and my province. With my experience I have encouraged my fellow disabled friends to take part in disability sports and now we are four (4) of us (3 males & 1 female) training on power-lifting preparing for PNG games coming up soon in November. My word of encouragement to my fellow PWDs is that;

DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT with mutual RESPECT for yourself and others…. You can be able to ACHIEVE SOMETHING THAT YOU AIM FOR. “I CAN DO IT IF I FIX MY MIND ON ONE”      

Thank you.

Ziggy Satkurin (disabled adult)